Master of Arts in Theology

Preparing students for the doctoral level.

Master of Theology Th.M.

Credit Hours: 36
Prerequisites: Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent

The Master of Theology degree program aims to develop each student with an informed, critical approach to a chosen field of study through graduate courses, mastery of languages and a greater biblical knowledge to assist them in their ministry position and or calling. This degree program helps prepare students for the doctoral level, as well as for teaching in institutions, public or private, where masters preparation is expected for entry level positions. By the end of the program, students will be expected to demonstrate an advanced understanding of their chosen area of study through the completion of a thesis project.

Courses You’ll Complete to Earn Your Degree

    • GBTH500 The Pastor as a Theologian
    • GBTH 600 Advanced Theology
    • GBTH 648 Modern Day Deviant Religions and Cults
    • GCED520 Major Religions
    • BNT300 Acts
    • GBCU627 The Jewishness of Jesus
    • GBCU685 Messiah and The Feast of the Lord
    • BNT 422 Pauline Epistles II
    • BNT215 General Epistles
    • GBNT651 The Epistles of John
    • GBPR671 The Book of Revelation
    • BNT321 Romans I
    • BNT332 Romans II
    • BTH43 Systematic Theology III

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the Master of Theology program the graduates will be able to:

  1. Students shall develop the capacity to think critically
  2. Investigate the foundational value of Jesus Christ’s life and God’s establishment of His church.
  3. Develop an ability to formulate productive research questions and to use research resources and methods in the chosen area or discipline
  4. Have enhanced their understanding of biblical theology through systematic analysis of Scripture in its social, historical, and literary settings.

Graduation Requirements

Before graduating with a Master of Arts in Clinical Christian Counseling, the student must satisfy the following requirements:

    1. Complete at least 36 semester credit hours
    2. Complete at least 36 semester credit hours
    3. Complete all required coursework, essays, homework, and exams for the respective degree
    4. Have at least a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher.
    5. Complete Dominion Theological Seminary’s Degree Completion Application.
    6. A 25,000 Word Thesis on an approved subject will be presented to Dominion Theological Seminary. The thesis will become the sole property of Dominion Theological Seminary.

Total Cost w/o Books: $2,500.00 (Payment Arrangement Accepted)