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A school that meets the recognized standards


Exempt From Licensure

Degree programs of study offered by Dominion Theological Seminary have been declared exempt from the requirements for licensure, under provisions of North Carolina General Statutes Section (G.S.) 116-15 (d) for exemption from licensure with respect to religious education. Exemption from licensure is not based upon assessment of program quality under established licensing standards. Click to view our status with the University of North Carolina Systems as an educational institution exempt from licensure.

Accredited By:

  • (ACBHE)
    Accrediting Commission For Biblical Higher Education
  • (GSN)
    Global Christian Schools Network
  • (NACC)
    National Association Of Christian Counselors
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What Is Accreditation?

Accreditation Defined (Source: Merriam Webster)

To accredit is to give official authorization to or approval of; to provide with credentials; to recognize or vouch for as conforming with a standard; to recognize as maintaining standards that qualify the graduates for admission to higher or more specialized institutions or for professional practice; to consider or recognize as outstanding.

Accreditation is a quality assurance process that colleges, universities and education institutions, or programs undergo to confirm that they meet a strict and recognized set of service and operational standards.

Benefits Of Accreditation

Benefits of Accreditation nThe benefit of being accredited is this, when an educational institution is accredited, the accrediting agency monitors, assess and evaluates the standards and quality of education you receive at a college, university or educational institution or program. When a college, university, educational institution, or program receives accreditation, you the student can feel secure in knowing that you attend a school that meets the recognized standards.

Also when an institution becomes accredited it indicates their willingness to become examined by a third party organization. It openly allows analysis of their policies and practices. Accreditation is purely voluntary in nature, not mandatory for any school to operate, however the accreditation of a Bible college or seminary gives a “seal of approval” on that school. This helps you the student to be assured that you’re receiving quality education.

U.S. Department Of Education Accreditation

Individuals seeking employment in government-licensed positions such as public school teachers, state-licensed psychologists or psychiatrists, and non-church-related counselors will more than likely need USDE accredited degrees. Generally speaking, people working in ministry positions do not need a USDE accredited degree. If you are pursuing education at DTS with the intent of obtaining employment or for some other reason, you should check with that organization BEFORE applying for enrollment in DTS. DTS assumes no liability of any kind.

About Our Accreditation

Every bible college has the option to become accredited or remain unaccredited. Those that choose to become accredited also has the option to become accredited via USDE, or through a religious accrediting agency. Both types of accrediting agencies are third party organizations that examine monitor, assess, and evaluate the standards and quality of education received at an educational institution.

A vast majority of Bible colleges and seminaries choose not to be governed by the USDE and therefore do not seek regional accreditation. Dominion Theological Seminary is accredited, but has not chosen to be accredited via national, regional, governmental, or by the USDE.

DTS has not pursued such recognition for two main reasons. First, we want to keep the cost of tuition affordable so that more students have the opportunity to study at DTS, obtain their degree, and remain free from student loans and debts. Secondly, USDE accreditation is not necessary for the theological degrees in which we offer.

Being that Dominion Theological Seminary is an educational ministry, and our degree programs are religious in nature, and understands the benefits and importance of being accredited, and is willing to become examined by a third party organization, DTS has chosen to become accredited by a prominent worldwide ecclesiastical accrediting agency such as, the Accrediting Commission For Biblical Higher Education. DTS is also an accredited member of the Global Christian Schools Network.

Accrediting Commission For Biblical Higher Education

The Accrediting Commission For Biblical Higher Education (ACBHE) is an independent, Texas based, non-profit corporation. Their purpose is to be an accrediting agency to Bible colleges, specialized schools, institutes and seminaries, which handle distance, external study programs and/or resident programs. ACBHE assist Institutions that do not choose the governmental connection with regional accreditation.

ACBHE is a Christian based foundation that is dedicated to the specialized area of Theological Education. No other secular corporate structure or alternate studies need to be addressed for the receiving of ACBHE Accreditation. Institutes are reviewed based upon their Theological studies alone.

Dominion Theological Seminary has satisfactorily attained the prescribed standards of the ACBHE required for certification and accreditation by this association and is therefore admitted as a fully recognized and accredited educational institution in good and regular standing. Therefore Dominion Theological Seminary has been granted the Certificate Of Accreditation with all rights and privileges in accordance with the rules, regulations, and guidelines of this Accrediting Agency. This authorization must be renewed each year and is based on the evaluation of standards concerning the quality of education, ethical business practices, and fiscal responsibility.

Dominion Theological Seminary allows the ACBHE to monitor, assess, and evaluate the standards of our Institution, as well as the quality of the education given to our students. DTS submits to the ACBHE requirements of high academic quality, accurate record-keeping, and ethical policies and practices.

Global Christian Schools Network

Registration #IN06020023-01
The officers of the Global Christian Schools Network in accordance with the standards of practice and in accordance with the regulations of state, local and national laws related to Christian Education has admitted into membership Dominion Theological Seminary as an accredited member.

Dominion Theological Seminary has been recorded in the record and registry of the Global Christian Schools Network, and hereby has been recognized and approved to offer the following programs:

  • Bible Diplomas
  • Certificate Programs
  • Undergraduate Degrees
  • Graduate Degrees

In accordance with the rules, regulations, and guidelines of this Christian Educational Association.