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Faculty and Staff

Dedicated to enriching our diverse communities through quality education

Faculty and Staff

Dr. Jeffrey B Conyers

President Emeritus and Founder

Dr. Jeffrey B. Conyers, ThB, ThM, D.D.

Dr. Jeffrey B. Conyers is the president and founder of Dominion Theological Seminary, which is a powerful bible Institute and Seminary that reaches the globe and trains the masses for ministry excellence.

Dr. Jeffrey B. Conyers is also the Senior Pastor of The Praise Tabernacle (The Victorious Church), Brooklyn, New York, and has been since 1994 when he founded the church.

His teaching ministry began at age 17 as he taught Sunday school at The Holy Redeemer Baptist Church in Brooklyn New York under the tutelage of Dr. Mary E. Staggers, B.A., M.P.S, PHD, D.D.

Dr. Conyers has taken correspondence courses at the International Bible Institute and Seminary, Orlando Florida, as well as studied and completed the course Christianity Through Its Scriptures at Harvard University Divinity School EdX Program. Dr. Conyers has received his Bachelor of Theology Degree from Light House Christian College, Beebe, Arkansas, Master of Theology Degree from the University of America Divinity School, Affiliate of Cambridge International College, Jersey UK, as well as his Doctor of Divinity Degree from the Community Bible Institute and Seminary, Brooklyn, New York.

Dr. Conyers has worked extensively in the area of Counseling as he has worked for the Mental Health Association of Nassau County, and the Family Residence for Mental Health support. Dr. Conyers is also a Board Certified Christian Counselor through the NACC (National Association of Christian Counselors).

Dr. Jeffrey Conyers is also the President and Founder of the Lighthouse Christian Counseling Training Center, a boot camp for those desiring to go into the Christian Counseling Field.  Lighthouse trains in areas such as Grief Counseling, Anger Management, Family Ministry Counseling, Addiction, Depression, and Anxiety.

Dr. Conyers has worked for OPWDD (Office of People With Developmental Disabilities) for over 10 years in agencies such as Life Worcs, and AHRC.

Dr. Conyers grew in the field and then ventured off into working under the OMH (Office Of Mental Health) and worked under OMH for over 10 years where he attended countless seminars, undergone countless trainings, and received countless certifications.  He has worked for over 6 years at the Mental Health Association of Nassau County, where he provided onsite counsel for those residents needing on-the-spot counseling.  Dr. Conyers has also worked for the Family Residence for Mental Health support, helping those struggling mentally to live and experience a better quality of life.  Dr. Conyers has gone through intense training through OMH in areas such as

  • Depression and mood disorders
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Trauma
  • Psychosis
  • Substance Use disorders.
  • Anger Management

Dr. Conyers is also a Board Certified Christian Counselor through the NACC (National Association of Christian Counselors), NACC Anger Management Certified, NACC Loss and Grief Counseling Certified, NACC Family Ministry Certified, as well as a Chaplain through ICCACC (The International Christian Chaplains Association Chaplaincy Corps).

Dr. Conyers is a licensed Clinical Christian Counselor through the NACC and also provides counseling services for those who are going through tough and troubled times.

You can visit the Lighthouse Christian Counseling Training Center at www.lighthouseccs.net

Dr. Conyers is the Overseer, and Assistant to the Presiding Prelate, Bishop McKinley Green and the Churches of Deliverance, Brooklyn, New York. Dr. Conyers also serves as Overseer under Archbishop Robert Joel Rochford and Dunamis Covenant Connection, Brooklyn, New York as Director of the Servants Ministries Globally.

Dr. Jeffrey B. Conyers has received a Citation and Salutation from the Office of The President of the Borough of Brooklyn, for being an extraordinary clergyman who provides spiritual guidance and support to the youth and his community. The Brooklyn Borough President quotes ” I thank him for making Brooklyn a better place to live, work, and raise a family”.

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Vice President

President Elect


Master of Arts in Christian Education Director

Dr. Debra Williams, D.C.E., MBA, Th.D, ThB

Reverend Dr. Debra T. William is a licensed and ordained Elder at the Praise Tabernacle church in Brooklyn NY with the late Bishop Dr. Jeffrey B. Conyers is her long-time Pastor, friend, and brother. She also leads the Youth & Young Adult Arts & Recreation Ministry. Reverend Debra has been active in ministry for over 39 years. She has served in many areas of ministry such as Usher, Sunday School teacher, Praise Dance Ministry Leader, Bible study teacher, Pastor’s Aide, Pastoral Assistant, Pastoral Adjutant, as well as Assistant Pastor. She also holds the position of Adjutant Apostolic for the Churches of Deliverance where Dr. McKinley Green is the Chief Prelate.

Reverend Debra is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and is a Board Certified Christian Counselor with the National Association of Christian Counselors (NACC), through the Lighthouse Christian Counseling Training Center.

Reverend Debra is bi-vocational and works on the Operations Management team in the Airline Catering industry for the largest company of its kind.

Reverend Debra Williams has an Associate of Applied Science in Human Services from SUNY Plattsburgh, a Bachelor of Art in Biblical and Theological Studies from Nyack College, a Bachelor of Art in Social Work, as well as a Master’s degree in Business Administration from CUNY Baruch College. She also has her Master Of Arts Degree in Christian Education and will have her Doctorate in 2022.

Reverend Debra Williams is also the Provost of Dominion Theological Seminary spearheading the area of administration, registration, community, and student affairs. Reverend Debra Williams also instructs the Master of Arts Degree Program at Dominion Theological Seminary.

In the film Field of Dreams (1989) a farmer heard a voice telling him. “if you build it they will come”. Just as Joshua, Moses, Noah, David built, Reverend Debra is a believer in building; building herself so that she can build others.

This servant-leader loves the Lord, His word, and the work. She strives to learn all she can, to do all she can, to share all she can, to educate others all she can, and to effectively minister all she can, to win souls for Christ.


Dr. Alisa Kelly

Dean of Studies

Dr. Alisa Kelly, ThB, M.R.E., Th.D

Dr. Alisa Kelly is an Evangelist and serves under the leadership of her Pastor, Elder Ivory Kelly at the Redeemer Church of Christ Holiness unto the Lord. She is the wife of Deacon Andre Kelly and mother of two children, Janai Lael and Caleb Joshua.

Dr. Kelly’s drive and passion for ministry were cultivated and pushed through the ministry of Dr. Jeffrey B. Conyers under the auspices of the Worldwide Youth Crusade Choir and Ministries. She is currently serving as Dean of studies at Dominion Theological Seminary where Dr. Conyers is the President and founder. She is an avid theologian who loves God’s Word and His people. Dr. Kelly loves to study and teach the Word of God. She has traveled to Monserrat West Indies to teach a course at Christ Life Ministry School of Prophesy. She teaches Blood Covenants and Hermeneutics at her alma mater, Christ Life Bible Institute, and Seminary.

In May of 2005, she graduated from Community Bible Institute and Seminary with a dual Bachelor’s Degree in Theology and Religious Education, and in May of 2007 with a Master’s Degree in Religious Education. Achieving her Master’s was a great accomplishment for her due to the challenges of unexpectedly losing her mother on her birthday in the first year of her studies and expecting the birth of her son in the second year. When she wanted to give up and withdraw from school, she was encouraged to continue and persevere. Thank God for her persistence and love for the Word of God.

Dr. Kelly wanted more of God and had a desire to further her education. She, therefore, enrolled at Christ Life Bible Institute and Seminary in the Doctoral Program. On May 30, 2009, she graduated Magna Cum Laude as the Valedictorian with her Doctorate Degree in Theology. She is a firm believer that you must Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth.

Pastor Charles Sams

Administration / Director of Student Affairs

Pastor Charles Sams A.A.B.S

Pastor Charles Sams serves as the Pastor of Living Faith Ministries alongside Overseer Dianne Martin. Pastor Charles has been licensed and ordained in the state of New York since the age of 20. He is also a Board Certified Christian Counselor through the National Association of Christian Counselors as well as a Certified Grief and Loss Counselor through the National Association of Christian Counselors (NACC).

Recently starting his educational journey at Dominion Theological Seminary, Pastor Charles has completed the Associates of Arts in Biblical Studies and is currently pursuing a double Bachelor, The Bachelor of Theology, as well as The Bachelor of Arts in Church Administration also at Dominion Theological Seminary.

Desiring to please God, Pastor Charles is committed to not only excelling in his studies in seminary but he is diligent in building the kingdom of God. Through his ministry, Pastor Charles has supported a multitude of communities, both domestically and internationally, in order to truly embody the calling of being a fisher of men!

Pastor Sams quotes:
“I have lived a great portion of my life as a recipient; receiving the Word of God, receiving support and encouragement, receiving correction and guidance. Now it is my opportunity to pour out to those who need the same outpour I am so blessed to have received in my life!”

Min. Barbara Edwards, ABA, B.R.E.

Administration / Registrar

Min. Barbara Edwards, ABA, B.R.E.
A native of the city of Brooklyn, New York, Barbara Edwards attended Maxwell Vocational High School where she majored in Fashion Arts. After obtaining her High School Diploma, Barabra received her Associates Degree from LaGuardia Community College where majored in Business Management. Through this discipline and intense studies, she was able to enhance her skills in:

  • Principles of Finance
  • Intro to Business Analysis and Intelligence
  • Intro to Human Resource Management
  • Intro to Functional and Project Management
  • Customer Service

Barbara not only felt the need to grow academically but also spiritually. In Barbara’s quest to build her relationship with God, Barabra joined and served at the Apostolic Gospel Church of Christ under the leadership of the Late Bishop W.E. Pickettt. She then continued her faith walk under the leadership of the late Bishop Ernest L. White at the St. James Holiness Church, Brooklyn, New york. Barbara later joined the Pentecostal House of Prayer of Deliverance under the Leadership of Bishop McKinley Green where she is currently a member. Barbara Edwards in her Christian walk and servitude has proven to be faithful, accountable, and extremely responsible. Because of this, she has been given the awesome task as the Nurses President, the Holy Communion Steward, a member of the Trustee Board, as well as Sunday School Superintendent. October of 2013 Barbara Edwards was ordained into the ministry where she now serves as Minister Barbara Edwards.

To further her Christian education, as well as enhance her teaching ministry, Minister Edwards enrolled in The America Come Back to God Bible Institute & Seminary where she took a plethora of undergraduate courses. She then furthered her Christian Education at the Pentecostal House of Prayer of Deliverance Bible Institute. Min. Edwards also took a number of courses at the Dominion Theological Seminary where Dr. Jeffrey B. Conyers is president & Founder. In pursuant of her degree in ministry, Barbara in 2018 returned to America Come Back to God Bible Institute and Seminary and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Religion Education. Minister Edwards continued to grow academically as she became a Board Certified Christian counselor under The National Association of Christian Counselors. Barbara’s study in Christian Counseling included Addiction Counseling, Anger Management Counseling, Counseling Depression, and Marital Discord.

Barbara worked for the United States Postal Service where she recently retired holding for years the position of supervisor. Barabara’s years spent as a supervisor, mixed with her education received in College, along with her ministry experience has caused her to become an expert in leadership, communication skills, an eye for detail and accuracy, reliability, high integrity, strong work ethic, the ability to be a team player, professionalism, computer literacy, as well as proactive organizational skills.

Because of said skills, Barbara is the Registrar at Dominion Theological Seminary. As Registrar, Min. Barbara Edwards registers students, records grades, evaluates academic records, ensures new students submit all the required documents, collects application fees, ensures schedules of classes, as well as analyzes enrollment and demographic statistics.

Rev. Andrea Quick

Administration / Bursar

Rev. Andrea Quick, ThB

Rev. Andrea Quick serves as an Elder at The Kingdom International Ministries. Brooklyn, New York. Rev. Quick has served in many facets of ministry down through the years. She has served as youth minister, mass choir director, Sunday school instructor, praise and worship leader, as well as youth advisor.

Rev. Quick’s scholastic achievements began as she attended the PHP Bible Institute, and received her Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies. In Rev. Quick’s desire to further her biblical education and pursue her degree, she enrolled in Dominion Theological Seminary. Rev. Quick spent 2 successful years in the Christian Counseling course where she received her certificate in Christian Counseling as well as through intense study, her Bachelor of Theology.

Rev. Andrea Quick has an awesome counseling ministry, where she has counseled women from as far as the United States of America to Guyana in the West Indies.

Rev. Quick is known for exceptional leadership skills as she has taught the Effective Leadership course at Dominion.

Rev. Andrea Quick is phenomenal at administration as she serves on the administrative staff at Dominion.

Rev. Kishia Robinson

Director Of The Life Assessment Experience Program (L.E.A.P.)

Rev. Kishia Robinson

Bio soon to come

Dr. Issac Downing

Doctor of Christian Education Instructor

Dr. Issac Downing

Overseer Issac G. Downing, a native of Philadelphia, PA, was born on March 22, 1980. At an early age, it was evident that God had a strong calling on his life. He accepted the Lord at a very early age at St. James Pentecostal Church under the Pastorate of The Late Bishop Ada Pearl Moore where he received all of his early Christian education. He later received the baptism of the Holy Ghost at sixteen and at age eighteen he was licensed to preach the word of God, under the Pastorate of Bishop Lee Moore Sr. Pastor of St. James Pentecostal Church and Presiding Bishop of The Greater Mt. Zion Pentecostal Churches of America Inc.

Growing up the grandson of a Pastor and two grandmothers who were powerful evangelists he knew that he would one day follow in their footsteps. Pastor Downing became extremely interested in ministry and could be found on most days in his room which he shared with 6 other brothers reading and studying the Bible. Overseer Downing was afforded the opportunity to preach his first gospel message at St. Marks in Edenton NC where his uncle the Late Elder Henry Moore is Pastor and founder. It was through these experiences that he developed such a passion for Christ that even in public he could be found in the schoolyard preaching to his peers the message from Sunday’s service. He was very active in his local church serving as Jr. Church supervisor, Missionary President, Children’s Choir President, Member of the Usher Board and Adult Choir Director, and Sunday school teacher. At the national level, he served as the Assistant to the National Youth President of Greater Mount Zion Pentecostal Churches of America, Inc.

In June of 2000, Overseer Downing heard the voice of God calling him to another place in him. He was obedient to the calling of God and became a member of True United Church of Jesus Christ (Apostolic) Inc. Under the shepherding of Bishop Shawn D. Bartley, DD, it is here that his life was truly transformed. Not only has Bishop Bartley been a Pastor to him but also a spiritual father. As a Minister, Overseer Issac served on several ministries, which included the President of Youth Ministry, Pastor’s Aide Committee, Praise, and Worship Ministry, and others. In 2007 God entrusted Overseer Issac with a great assignment and out of that Cornerstone Community Worship Center was birthed. In June of 2008 Overseer Issac worked diligently at his new assignment. In 2012, He heard the voice of God seek him concerning his assignment, letting him know, that his assignment was over, and He needed him to return home to True United to serve. Without hesitation Overseer, Issac returned to True United to serve. In July 2017 Overseer Issac was installed as the First Assistant Pastor of True United. In 2019 Overseer Issac was designated as Overseer by Bishop Shawn D. Bartley as he continues to serve True United Church. The Overseer also serves as the Northeast Province Youth and Young Adult and Millennials Director; he also serves as the Northeast Events Coordinator. Under the Northeast Province Leader Bishop, DC Thomas who Serves Under His Grace Bishop Neil C. Ellis Presiding Prelate of the Global United Fellowship. In addition Overseer Issac continues to serve as the Chief Aide to the Chief Apostle of the F.O.C.U.S Fellowship of Churches International as well as his newest appointment to E.A.L.P Vicar General, under His Grace Bishop Roderick S. Durant In 2011 Overseer Issac received his Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Studies and in 2018 received his Master’s in Theology. Overseer Issac completed his Doctorate in Christian Education at Dominion Theological Seminary on June 4, 2022. Overseer Issac and Pastor Latisha are the founding Pastors of Destiny City International located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Overseer Downing’s favorite scripture outlines his passion for God. Psalms 27:4 “One thing have I desired of the LORD, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the LORD, and to enquire in his temple.” Pastor Issac’s ultimate desire in life is to serve God by serving his people while advancing the kingdom.

Rev. Ke'Sean Joseph

Associate of Arts In Biblical Studies Degree Program Instructor

Rev. Ke’Sean Joseph, M.A.M.L.

Kèsean (Kay-shawn) Joseph is a native of Brooklyn, NY. He graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh with a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations with an experiential background in communications, law, and politics. Kesean attended Pentecostal Theological Seminary earning his Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership. He published his first book “The Church with the Issue of Blood: A Pattern for Reviving Generations” in June 2019 to accolades from both the laity and clergy. He also published Old and New Testament Analysis guides for his classes at Dominion Theological Seminary. Professionally, Elder Kesean is a Middle School Teacher and an Instructor of Old and New Testament Analysis at Dominion Theological Seminary.

He is a member of the Cathedral of Praise COGIC International under Archbishop J.C. White.

Pastor Gary Mclellan

Bachelor of Theology, Instructor

Pastor Gary McClellan, Thb, M.A.C.E.

Pastor Gary Mclellan is the proud husband of Lady Mary, and the doting father of his sons Christian and Ryan.

Pastor Gary McClellan Jr begin playing the drums at the age of three and the organ at age six, without ever attending a music school. Growing up a master musician, he has played for gospel artists, such as Pastor Richard Hartley, Evang. Dorinda Clarke-Cole, Professor James Hall, The Clark Sisters, Kierra Sheard, Angela Spivey, Stacy Francis, Professor Danny Eason, and The Tokyo Mass Choir, just to name a few. His gift has exposed him on a national and international platform to perform in places such as The Vatican in Rome, Italy, teaching gospel music in multiple cities in Japan, Carnegie Hall, Madison Square Garden, The VH1 Morning Show, and churches across this country.

After serving faithfully in this capacity, God saw fit to move him from the “Organ to the Pulpit”. Gary now serves as Overseer and Youth Pastor at The Rehoboth Youth Church, Brooklyn, NY under Dr. Gerald Seabrooks.

Pastor Gary Mclellan has received his Bachelor of Theology degree from Dominion Theological Seminary, in Brooklyn NY, and is currently in studies for his Master of Arts in Christian Education.

Pastor Gary Mclellan is a prolific pedagogue as he is the Instructor of the Bachelor of Theology Program at Dominion and serves on the advisory board as well.

Rev. Phillip Culver

Bachelor of Arts In Church Administration Degree Program Instructor

Dr. Phillip Culver, BBA

Dr. Phillip C. Culver is the Executive Pastor of the Divine Destiny Cathedral under the tutelage of His Grace, Bishop James A. Jones Sr., and Co-Pastor Elder Yvonne S. Jones.

Educated in the Lawrence School District he is a fully minted recipient of a Bachelor of Business Administration from Pace University – Joseph I. Lubin School of Business, New York, NY. He is currently pursuing an Executive Master of Business Administration from Hofstra University – Frank G. Zarb School of Business, Hempstead, NY.

Overseer Culver is no novice at operating in the spirit of excellence in his professional career as he has worked for Big Four Accounting Firm – Deloitte, Ivy-League – Columbia University, Fortune 40 – Dow Chemical, multi-strategy financial firm – Empyrean Capital Partners, Global REIT Unibail- Rodamco-Westfield, and the Australian Government – Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade).

Overseer Culver served as the choir administrator of the New York Fellowship Mass Choir and personal assistant to the late Godfather of Gospel Music Reverend Timothy Wright. Director of Public Relations of Rehoboth Cathedral – Bishop Gerald G. Seabooks, Senior Pastor. He is the CEO of TPO Management LLC., a multi-faceted consulting firm where he has managed the business and ministry affairs of Evangelist Monique (Walker) Williams, Pastor Dr. Ronnie Felder & VOI, Renee Credle, Andrew Wilkins & God’s Elect, Pastor Gary McClellan – For His Glory, Rev. Joseph J. Howell – JJ Howell Ensemble, and Julius Goodman – New Millennium Praize.

As Executive Pastor, “EP” his responsibilities are overseeing the accomplishment of the church’s mission and vision while leading the staff of the ministry in the attainment of its auxiliary and corporate goals. Overseer Culver is a key strategic partner in helping to assess resources and what it will take to put theory to practice.

Overseer Culver is a Board-Certified Christian Counselor through NACC. He believes professionalism and excellence are the way to represent the Kingdom.

Overseer Culver is a practitioner and instructor of the Bachelor of Arts in Church Administration Degree Program at Dominion Theological Seminary.

Apostle Rasheen Rutledge

Master of Arts in Clinical Christian Counseling Instructor

Apostle Rasheen Rutledge, BCCC

Apostle Rasheen C. Rutledge is the founder of Living Faith Ministries in Queens, New York and its sister campus Manifestation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina where he presides as the Senior Pastor. He served from 1995 to 2006 under Dr. Richard Hartley of Haven Ministries in Far Rockaway, New York. He also served under Prophet Andre Cook of The Life Chapel in Jamaica, New York. In 2018 Apostle Rasheen C. Rutledge was affirmed as Apostle by his spiritual father Prophet Andre Cook.

In 2019 The President of the Borough of Brooklyn, Eric Adams honored Apostle Rasheen Rutledge at the commencement exercise of Dominion Theological Seminary Institute; with a Citation of Recognition for his commitment to excellence in his long-standing contributions to his communities. His goal-oriented planned strategies have resulted in countless initiatives of feeding the homeless, supplying job opportunities for convicted felons, and personally mentoring numerous misguided individuals with actions plans that resulted in securing gainful employment, financial stability, acquisition of suitable stable residences, and improved credit. In addition to the countless reformed lives he has impacted, his personal counseling ministry has led to marriages, wayward youths, and indifferent families to being restored.

As a Board-Certified Christian Counselor, the founder and CEO of Road Called Recovery, Inc., his personal organization is dedicated to continuing his legacy of counseling individuals. With his unique approach of combining biblical principles, successful practical life application strategies, 15 years of pastoral service, 10+ years of experience, and training in the mental health field he has been able to redefine the life-coaching experience that truly produces impactful, life altering results.

Apostle Rasheen C. Rutledge ultimately strives to remain faithful in maintaining a standard of cultivating Christian Character wherever he is in service; continuously trusting in the Word of God with a special emphasis on his favorite scripture “I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me.” Philippians 4:13

Rev. Gwendolyn Taylor

Adjunct Professor / Leadership

Rev. Gwendolyn Taylor, M.A.O.L.

Gwendolyn Taylor is a credentialed Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC) and the Director of Prevention Services at Children’s Aid in New York, New York. She holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and an undergraduate degree in English. Gwendolyn’s passion for leadership and writing has allowed her to compose many short stories and poetry. Gwendolyn has had the opportunity to perform her work in many areas and is currently working on publishing her first book.

Gwendolyn’s motivation, academic courses, empirical research has provided a solid foundation allowing her to become an efficacious leader in her career as well as in the church.

She attends The Praise Tabernacle church in Brooklyn, New York under the leadership of Dr. Jeffrey B. Conyers; where she serves as an ordained Minister and is on the executive board. As a single mother of two boys, Gwendolyn has developed a passion for youth, women, and families. She provides counseling and mentorship to youth and young women facing challenges in their personal lives and careers.

Her message to women is “No matter what struggle, obstacle or problem that you may face, you have everything within you to overcome it and to come out of it. You are powerful, you are beautiful and you are victorious”.

Her favorite quote is..
“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure”.

~Marianne Williamson

Pastor Patrice Lopez

Adjunct Professor/ Theology

Pastor Patrice Lopez, B.R.S.

Patrice Lopez was born in Houston, TX her family relocated to Huntington, NY where she was a member of the Golden Altar Church of God in Christ (the church’s name was later changed to Apostolic Baptized Church of Jesus Christ) under her grandfather, Bishop King Edison Huntsberry. In 1995, Patrice joined Love Fellowship Tabernacle: The Kingdom Church where Bishop Hezekiah Walker presides as senior pastor. After seven years of fruitfulness and faithfulness her church, she was called to be an Ordained and Recognized Minister.
Accepting the call to preach The Gospel, Patrice pursued a Christian Education. She is a graduate of the New York Theological Seminary earning both a Certificate of Ministry and then later a Bachelor’s in Religious Studies. During Love Fellowship Tabernacle: The Kingdom Church’s Covenant Keepers Conference in June 2010, through the leading of the Holy Ghost, Bishop Hezekiah Walker saw fit to elect Patrice the first woman Pastor in the history of Love Fellowship Tabernacle.

Pastor Lopez is also founder and president of Heart2Heart: The Experience, a ministry designed to help women navigate through life, while dealing with the debilitating issues of the heart. The Spirit of Lord led Patrice to take this ministry house to house to draw the lost to Jesus and make disciples of women! She now facilitates monthly sessions where she helps women regain their worth and find their identity in Christ alone.

Pastor Lopez currently travels throughout the United States uniquely presenting The Gospel under a deliverance anointing giving total glory and honor to God. As a result, Pastor Lopez is a sought after teacher, preacher and life coach called upon to minister to many churches and organizations. After many years of sowing into ministries across the country, in 2018 she accepted the call from the Lord to plant a local ministry; Kingdom Church of Deliverance; Love Fellowship where she is currently the Senior Pastor.

Dr. Liston Page

Adjunct Professor / Intensive Studies

Dr. Liston Page, Jr, DMin

Pastor | Author | Speaker | Teacher
Dynamic, Enthusiastic Senior Pastor and Church Leader of The Highway Church in Paterson, New Jersey Since 1999.


Preaching for over 35 years across the United States and internationally in Africa; Australia; Jamaica; Nassau, Bahamas; Freeport, Bahamas; Germany; London, England; Japan; Switzerland; Rome; Barbados; Trinidad; Puerto Rico, and many more locations.

Appointed Second Vice-Presiding Bishop of Greater Highway Deliverance Ministries, International in 2011.

Consecrated Bishop in 2006.

Published Doctoral Thesis, Interpreting the Ancient Archaic Text Using Contemporary Pedagogical Methods for Church Growth.

Author and publisher of the book, How to Survive Your Storm.

Producer of several renowned audio series, including Eagle Christians, The Ministry of Misunderstanding, Whispers of the Enemy, and more.

Frequent appearances on Trinity Broadcasting Network and The Word Network.

Public Speaking | Leadership | Pastoral Counseling | Community Outreach | Strategic Planning | Financial Management | Leadership Development | Program Development | Mentorship | Growth & Expansion | Community Development | New Ministry Development | Change Development & Management Collaboration | Fundraising | Mainstream Communications | Conference Planning & Training


DREW UNIVERSITY – Doctor of Ministry 2018

DREW UNIVERSITY – Master of Sacred Theology 2017




Doctor Liston Page, Jr. is a powerful and dynamic speaker, well-known for his candid, straightforward delivery of the Word. The anointing on his life truly fuels his passion for inspiring others to strive for Kingdom living and Kingdom building. Transforming lives so that all can become conquerors through the power of the Holy Spirit is his triumph. His mandate and assignment are to minister, teach, and train men and women that it is God’s desire that they live enriched and healthy lives through His Word.

Dr. Cassandra Andrews Jackson

Adjunct Professor/ Theology

Dr. Cassandra Andrews Jackson, Ph.D

Ph.D. (2018) Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary: Doctoral Dissertation: The
Apostle Peter on The “Perseverance Of The Saints” 4.0 GPA
M.Div. (2016) Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary: Theology
Various certificates Apostolic Learning Center of the Beulah Church of God in Christ Jesus.

Issues in Old Testament Theology, Contemporary Biblical Hermeneutics, Biblical Theology,
Canonicity, Issues in New Testament Theology, Primary Source Studies, Christian Leadership.

2021 – Present: Word of Fire Christian Theological Seminary, Osugbo Osun State, Nigeria
2004 – Present: Bible Teacher Highways & Hedges Church, Brooklyn, New York
2000-2004 Asst. Bible Teacher Beulah Church of God in Christ Jesus, Brooklyn, New York

Subject Matter taught (* = Courses created):
Hermeneutics*, Spiritual Gifts*, Fruit of the Spirit*, Study of Romans*, Study of Hebrews*, The
Beginning of Pentecost*, The principles of Godly Relationships*, Bible Expositor and

“God Relationships ~ A Guide to Study,” Self-published, 2016.
“A Compilation of Essays about Godly Things,” Self-published, 2018.

Summary of the Bible (unpublished)
Founder of We Read The Bible Inc., ~ online Bible reading group

2014 – Present SBH Health System, Bronx, NY Compliance & HIPAA Privacy Officer
2012 – 2014 New York City Health and Hospital Corporation New York, NY Associate

Compliance Officer
2009 – 2012 MetroPlus Health Plan Inc., New York, NY ~ Compliance Officer/

Director of the Special Investigation Unit
2008 – 2012 MetroPlus Health Plan Inc., New York, NY Privacy Officer
2003 – 2008 MetroPlus Health Plan Inc., New York, NY Compliance Analyst
2001 – 2003 NYC Administration for Children’s Services, NY, NY Assistant Director of Claims
2000 – 2001 NYC Administration for Children’s Services, NY, NY Reconciliation

2000 – 2000 NYC Administration for Children’s Services, NY, NY Business

Analyst/Compliance Coordinator
1995 – 2000 CIDNY-Independent Living Services, NY, NY ~ Bookkeeper
1993 – 1995 Self Help Community Services, NY, NY Home Care Coordinator

Education: Master of Arts ~ Community Health/Healthcare Policy & Administration

Brooklyn College ~ CUNY 2000
Bachelor of Science ~ Accounting
Brooklyn College ~ CUNY 1994

Certifications: Health Care Privacy Compliance ~ HCCA

October 2010
Health Care Compliance ~ HCCA
June 2009

Bishop Roberta Moore

Adjunct / Prayer Class Instructor

Bishop Roberta Moore A.A.B.S.

Bishop-Elect Roberta Moore is a woman of God as well as a woman of prayer. She has always possessed a unique ability to reach the unsaved while stirring the hearts and minds of the believers as an effective vessel in the body of Christ.

After much prayer, on July 31, 1987, Bishop-Elect Roberta Moore and a small group of her family members opened the doors of the first Victory building, under the umbrella of the St. Mark Holy Church of America Inc, where the late Bishop Townsley, Sr. was the pastor. Victory Pentecostal Church. Bishop Moore had a young team of Christian workers who labored long and hard in the Crown Heights Community, preaching, teaching, pushing the power of prayer and singing all to the glory of God. Many young people were drawn to the ministry because of its youthfulness, and many lives were changed.

Bishop-Elect Roberta Moore has proven to be a “Pastor after God’s own heart.” Her care and sincere love for God and His people encourages others to earnestly seek their true purpose and calling in God. One of the greatest callings out of many was her devotion to prayer. Because of her intense level on prayer, supplication, and intercession she operated spirit-filled and spirit-led, careful to hear and speak God’s word. The Lord has and is continuing to bless, affirm, and elevate her calling. September 23, 2002, Bishop-Elect Moore received an honorary doctorate degree from the Holy Trinity Universal Church Bible College, under the leadership of the late Bishop Clarence Dorsey. She was also honored to receive citations from Congressman Marty Markowitz for her work within the community and its youth, an award from District Attorney Charles Hynes as a leading lady in the Borough of Kings and various other commendations

On March 12, 2004 God’s favor was poured out upon Victory Christian Tabernacle. Victory purchased a place of its own, a place to call home. Victory was blessed to purchase this building without a mortgage. On August 8, 2014 Bishop-Elect was ordained to Bishop.

Bishop’s presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ is divinely unique and has enabled her to minister across many denominations. Her approachable and non-judgmental persona has endeared her to the many who call her pastor, while her compassion and ability to tap into the needs of the people has allowed her to be very effective at reaching the unsaved. Pastor Moore’s precise, comprehensive, dynamic and fiery presentation of the word of God, and an advocate of prayer has made her a much sought after speaker around the country.

Victory Christian Ministries Inc. is a fast growing, innovative nondenominational ministry in the heart of Brownsville, Brooklyn a community devastated by addiction, crime and poverty. The church serves as a beacon of hope to the lost and a revival center to the believer.

God Blessed Dr. Moore to Record her first CD in 20012. Bishop Moore single Great King Jehovah as been nominated for an award.

Bishop Moore has been given a unique assignment in the body of Christ to teach, preach, and compel Gods people back to the altar. She has done numerous seminars, conference, sermons, and studies on the subject of Prayer. God has placed a mandate on her life to spread the gospel and that she is earnestly fulfilling.

Dr. Moore is a mother of one daughter, Minister Leah Nicole Moore.

Bio photo to come

Bio photo to come

Adjunct Professor/ Thesis Writing Class

Bishop Dr. Robert Thomas

Dr. Thomas has been preaching for over 44 years. He has ministered in the tri-state area, throughout the south, in Hawaii, Barbados and as of July 2018, he is extremely proud to add to his ministerial resume, the MotherLand of the continent of Africa, Kenya. As of Saturday, July 31, 2021, you can now listen to Bishop Thomas EVERY SATURDAY online at: CFCGOSPELRADIO.COM, from 1:00 P.M. – 1:30 P.M. So far this new level of ministry has been reported to have been heard in the tri-state area, various parts of the south, Finland, England and Germany, all parts of Europe. His passion being evangelism has afforded him many opportunities to minister in prisons, hospitals, nursing homes, and what he
considers his specialty and his first love, tent, and open-air services.

As a pedagogue, Dr. Thomas has now been teaching for almost 24 years at the Community Bible Institute & Seminary (C.B.I. & S.), founded by the late great, Dr. Clarence R. Johnson, presently being presided by, Dr. William J. Denson. Dr. Thomas also serves humbly as a board member at C.B.I. & S. He is presently on staff as well with, Prayer Warriors International School of Ministry, presided by the late, Madame President, Dr. Rebecca Brown. In addition, he formerly taught at the Eagle Bible Institute, the late Madame President Dr. Callie Mae Jasper and the America Come Back to God Bible Institute, founded by the late, Bishop Wallace Furs. In further validating himself as a bonafide pedagogue, he has also had the privilege of conducting seminars on such topics as: “The Spirit World,” Pneumatology,” “Ministerial and Christian Ethics,” “Leadership Training,” “Homiletics”, ““The Rapture,” “An Apologetic Defense for Marriage between a Man and a Woman,” and others in convocations and conferences. In addition, Dr. Thomas has also ministered over the radio as well. As a prayer warrior, Dr. Thomas is a proud prayer warrior assigned to the midnight shift of the Power Pack Prayer ministry, introduced by Evang. Francine Bazemore and under the leadership of her Grace, Overseer Bernice P. Coaxum. He has also been asked to lead prayer with the Universal Church, Bishop James Bryant, Sr., which aggregates on the phone every morning at 5:30 a.m.

Dr. Thomas has been celebrated and awarded many awards and citations over the years for his dedicated service to ministry. He is one of the first recipients of the Bishop Eric R. Figueroa, Sr. Award.

Dr. Thomas holds a Ph.D. in Christian Philosophy from the LighthouseChristian College. In August 2014 after successfully matriculating in The New

York State Chaplaincy Task Force, Dr. Thomas graduated as a certified Chaplain. By the grace of God and the obedience of His Chief Prelate, The Right Reverend, Archbishop Eric Rinald Figueroa, I Dr. Thomas was appointed to the office of Overseer on Palm Sunday, March 20, 2016. After serving this office faithfully, His Grace, Archbishop Eric Rinald Figueroa, I, along with The New Life Covenant Fellowship, authentically consecrated and inducted Dr. Thomas to the Episcopacy as a Bishop and Prince in the Lord’s Church on Saturday, November 16, 2019. Most importantly Dr. Robert S. Thomas, Sr., Ph.D. is saved, sanctified, Holy Ghost filled and fire baptized. He loves the Lord with all his heart, soul, and mind and is eager to be completely and totally souled

Rev. Joshua Reese

Prayer Class Instructor

Prophet Joshua Reese

Rev. Joshua Reese serves as an Elder, Prophet, and head of the intercessory prayer team at The Praise Tabernacle where Dr. Jeffrey B. Conyers is pastor. Rev. Reese has been in ministry for over 10 years and has served as youth leader and an advocate for youth and young adults. He has received his Child Development Associate (C.D.A.) in 2019 and is currently M.A.T., First Aid, and CPR certified in the educational field. Rev. Reese also serves as a teacher in the Nassau County Head Start Program, which provides services for low-income families, and strengthens basic social relationships between individuals, families, and social organizations

Rev. Joshua Reese is not only an educator but also a student as he has completed the Christian Counseling Courses at Dominion Theological Seminary and has obtained scholastic mastery in the area of Christian education being a 2020 Associates of Arts in Biblical Studies recipient. Rev. Reese is also a Board Certified Christian Counselor through the National Association of Christian Counselors (NACC).

Rev. Reese is the CEO of The Spiritual Awakening Movement which convenes annually to equip, strengthen, and fortify the Body of Christ.

Rev. Reese is also known for his acting abilities as he has played the lead roles in shows such as “The Wiz”, “High School Musical”, “The Seven Sayings of Christ”, “Restoration ” A Christmas Carol”, and more.

Rev. Reese currently serves on the administrative staff at Dominion Theological Seminary. He serves as a recruitment specialist.

Zinia Williams

Technical Support

Zinia Williams

Zinya Williams was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, graduating from Broome Street Academy Charter High School in June 2015 with honors. Having taken collegiate courses in Information Technology, Zinya went on to pursue Information Science and Systems at the Borough of Manhattan Community College. She is currently a criminal justice major at BMCC. She is the face behind the Technical Support Department at Dominion Theological Seminary. Zinya is known to solve technical issues over the phone, virtual and in person . Zinya stands on the fact that technology is a necessity. It is the pen and part of our time, as well as the lens through which we experience much of the world today. Technology makes what was once impossible, possible.

Charmelle Green

Administrative Clerk

Rev. Charmelle Green ThB

Rev. Green is a member of The Pentecostal House of Prayer of Deliverance, Inc. in Brooklyn, NY where she was raised under the pastorate of Bishop McKinley Green. She is the eldest child of Bishop McKinley, and First Lady Mother Hattie Green. These two-great people of God through example implanted the young Charmelle with the Right and Good teachings of God.

At the tender age of nine, Charmelle Green had great faith in the Lord, faith that compelled her heart till the precious age of fifteen, where she gave her life to the Lord. She always believed there was nothing God could not do because; there is nothing too hard for Him. Cause of the mighty faith she had in God; she was always involved in the ministry.

After many years of service, she continued to progress in ministry. She became the President of the youth department in 1996, vice president in 1993, as well as church clerk, Financial Secretary of Trustees, National Administrator of C.O. D, convocation coordinator, and President of the established auxiliary “The Benevolence Association”.

For past ten years she was the P.H.P.D Theological Bible Institute Registrar and instructor. Rev, Charmelle Green accepted the call to ministry, when she realized she had “to reach the lost, at any cost”. She was ordained as a minister in October 1998. Her biblical teachings aided her studies at the P.H.P.D Theological Bible Institute, under the tutelage of Bishop McKinley Green and Elder Yvonne Turner, St. Stephen Bible Institute, under the tutelage Rev. Joyce Decosta, and also Dominion Theological Seminary under tutelage Dr. Jeffrey Conyers.

Since she’s been in ministry, the Lord is showing Himself mighty through her life and daily endeavors. After eleven years promotion comes again, and She was ordained Elder on October 2009. Elder Green is a strong leader at the Pentecostal House of Prayer of Deliverance. In 1997 Elder Green accompanied Pastor Wright to the very first Christian Youth Consortium “Youth Explosion” Conference. Being inspired by the fellowship of young people all over the world, Rev. Green encouraged the Youth of Deliverance to become active members of the New York’s chapter which was called “Joshua Generation” and serves as the Vice President. Rev. Green serves on the board as the Executive Administrator for the Christian Youth Consortium. She is a great asset to the organization after 15 years she still endeavors to do the will of God. She continues to exhibit the Christian characteristics of a bold and mighty warrior for the Lord.

She now serves as the Administrative Clerk and assists the staff where needed. He/she is able to register a student and provide necessary followup through Dominion Theological Seminary as well as The Lighthouse Christian Counseling Training Center. She is responsible for overseeing the graduation regalia and degree issuance process, ensuring each graduate is prepared for graduation.